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I hate Facebook
Linux Peng
I wanted to become an early adopter of Diasporia, the alternate secure private social networking tool. I wanted to be smug that I was using something that was better than Facebook. Something that kept my privacy private instead of whispering that it was secure but ultimately running away with my information, selling it the highest bidder or rolling over for government powers that be. Who I talked to, my social networks, what I do and who I do it with. My likes, my dislikes.... compiling mass amounts of data on me and everyone else.
And if the next terrorist attack happens, how the government would immediately want access to that data and to determine who was involved and to decide who is a traitor or who supports the homeland. Who amongst you is a traitor.
I wanted to point my finger at you all and say, "Nana, See I told you so. I warned ye, but did you listen?? No!"

And this year I realized, I'm missing out. I'm missing out on all the good gossip. The social networking. Diasporia hasn't delivered on it's promises. I'm isolating myself because I just want to say, "I told you so." Meanwhile, I get on websites on a regular basis and give out gigabytes of information about myself. Blizzard, fark, and ten other sites that I log into each day that could easily tell exactly what was going on. Not to mention the terrifying Google who I have multiple email accounts with, phone numbers on and work.

It's all very evil. I worry about what the future will hold. About the potential for civil liberties being taken away because we looked at the wrong site, or have the wrong interests or wrong friends. Because I am different. I worry that my liberties will be in jeopardy because I made myself a target. Sharing my private thoughts all in one place that can be traced back to me.

But today I opened a new account on Facebook. I set all the settings I could find to the maximum amount of privacy. I determined I would not make friends with everybody. Only the people I feel I am missing out on. Aunt Suzy, fuck off, I don't want to hear about how God is working in your life. I'm not friending you. You will not find me. Mom and sister, nope. Weird guy from high school who now has a band and wants me to buy his albums, go away.

Excuse me, I have to go sit in my corner now with my tinfoil hat and cry myself into complacency.


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